Slo living hostel now organizes free Lyon Walking Tours !

Slo living hostel now organizes free Lyon Walking Tours !

Slo living hostel now organizes free Lyon Walking Tours !

Since the beginning of June 2015, Slo Living Hostel started offering Lyon Walking Tours for our guests. Ludmilla, our new event manager takes the participants on a 3 hour tour to discover three different neighborhoods of Lyon which they might not otherwise have the opportunity to visit.

Tour 1 : Parc de la Tête d’Or and Halles Paul Bocuse

The first Lyon Walking Tour includes a walk in the Parc de la Tête d’Or, its rose garden and zoo then finishes with a 45 mn tour of the famous Halles Paul Bocuse, Lyon’s gastronomic temple. During this first tour, the group gets an overview of one of the biggest urban parks in France and learns some anecdotes about the biggest indoor food market of the City.

Tour 2 : Saône River Banks and Pentes de la Croix Rousse

The Second Lyon Walking Tour focuses on the recently renovated Saône River banks and the Pentes de la Croix-Rousse (Croix-Rousse slopes). There, Slo Living Hostel’s guests can discover a very popular Farmer’s market, the beautiful view of Lyon in the Parc Rouville and can walk through one of the Traboules of Lyon (hidden paths).

Tour 3 : From past to future : visit traditionnal Ainay and the futuristic Confluence, come back with a nice boat cruise (2€)

Finally, the third Lyon Walking Tour takes guests to the new modern neighborhood of La Confluence and the older streets of Ainay in the second district of the City. During this tour, guests will discover the Museum of the Confluence (Natural Science and Civilisations), the eco-friendly and unusual buildings of the Confluence shopping zone and will finish with a 15 minute cruise on the Saône River.

Why and How to participate in our Lyon Walking Tours ?

Unlike other guided tours in Lyon, these Slo Living Hostel Walking Tours let the participants stop when they want or need to (pictures, food, shop…) and are a great opportunity to exchange with and ask questions to our local guide.

Those Free or ‘Pay what you want’ tours give guests the chance to participate in an interesting tour while having fun! To book a tour it’s very simple: ask the hostel’s reception or contact our event manager Ludmilla at ludmilla(a)

So far it’s been a great success with guests from Korea, Germany, New Zealand, England, Russia, Canada, Japan and the U.S. (in only two weeks!). We’ve had really good groups and awesome feedbacks! Check our website, Instagram account and Facebook page for updates and pictures of the tours !


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