4 solutions to organize your journey from/to Lyon Airport

4 solutions to organize your journey from/to Lyon Airport

If you are coming to Lyon by Plane, Lyon Aiport Saint Exupery is situated 25km east from Lyon City Centre. The airport is not that big even it is the 4th one in France after Paris Charles de Gaulle, Paris Orly and Nice. It is quite easy to find public transportation to reach Lyon CIty Centre. The particularity is that the public transportation (Rhone Express) are quite expensive even for Lyon inhabitants ! So we explain you in this post what are the different solutions to get to/from Lyon Airport !

1. Rhône Express : The most reliable and fastest solution (but quite expensive !)

Since 2010 this fast tramway has replaced the historical bus line. A huge investment for the city. It is really really convenient : the tram leaves avery 15 minutes from Part Dieu Train Station and reach the airport by making only a couple of stops in 30 minutes. You can buy your ticket online, you will have a small discount… Because the price is really high, maybe one of the highest in Europe for a journey between an airport and the city centre !

For a single journey : 13,50€ online, 15€ at the ticket machine or even in the tram
For way and back : 24,50€ online, 26€ at the ticket machine or even in the tram

For more information and purchase your tickets you can go on Rhône Express website : http://www.rhonexpress.com

2. iNavette : a little bit cheaper

iNavette can be  a good alternative for those who need a fast and reliable transportation and have a little more time. i Navette is a private company with small vans. This solution is fast but you will need to order your ticket online and go to MERMOZ-PINEL subway station (only 10mn from the hostel with line D – the green one – from Saxe Gambetta).

The only thing is that the minibus is working if there are 4 passengers minimum. In high season, there are no problem, but you should double check in low season

One way  = 10,90 €, minimum 4 passengers
Roud trip = 21,80 €minimum 4 passengers

Please not this company is also going to Geneva in Switzerland. For more information, telephone and booking : http://www.airport-navette.fr/en/

3. Carpooling ?

If you have plenty of time, a mobile phone that works in France (we mean that you can at least receive and send SMS) and a credit card you can try carpooling ! There are often drivers that go to the airport or just in the direction of the airport (which is situated near a very busy highway to go to the Alps). Not very easy but not impossible !

You can try this website, the most popular in France : www.covoiturage.fr

Just fill the form with the following information ! From : Lyon / To : Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport, Colombier-Saugnieu, France, then just choose a driver and follow the instructions. It is really easy


  1. Bernard G. 3 years ago

    Be careful : the 4th and cheapest solution had disappeared, since the 1st January 2016

  2. Rosalba 2 years ago

    But now you can take the tramway!

  3. Anthony 2 years ago

    A very informative article for a first time traveller to Lyon. I will be travelling with my family in a few months and will definitely use some of the suggestions in your article to travel from the airport.

  4. Neil and Angela 2 years ago

    Thanks a lot, that’s all very helpful: Lyon, here we come (next Friday)

    Vive la France! – Neil and Angela

  5. Nice informative article!it’s really informative information. It is very helpful for me and everyone. Thanks for sharing this information.

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