Accomodation in Lyon for Exchange Students

Accomodation in Lyon for Exchange Students

You need help settling in Lyon? Wondering how you can find housing for a short period of time?

What prices should you expect for accomodation ? What are your different options ?

This article will help you through your approaches and answer your questions :


I. How to choose ?

  1. Best neighborhoods to live in:
  • Downtown: Bellecour / Ainay / Cordelier / Hôtel de Ville / Vieux Lyon (Saint Georges, Saint Jean, Saint Paul) / Guillotière / Foch
  • Close to downtown: Croix-Rousse / Jean Macé / Saint Just / Masséna / Saxe Gambetta / La Confluence

Université Lumière Lyon 2 is located by the Rhône river banks but also has a big campus in Bron which is pretty far from downtown Lyon (at least 45 min with public transportation). Bron has some nice neighborhoods however do not expect fun night life or many things to do there, it is more of a residential/family type of neighborhood then a student neighborhood. Rent will be cheaper but take into account that it will take you quite some time to get to the city…

Monplaisir is a nice student neighborhood closer to the Bron Campus and the Manufacture des Tabacs campus for Lyon 3 and it is cheaper then living in the center of Lyon. However it will take you about 20 minutes to get to downtown with public transportation.

2. Different options for accomodation:

  • Types of apartments:

-Studio : one room which includes living room, small kitchen and bedroom + separate bathroom

-T1/F1: Apartment with living room and bedroom in one room + separate kitchen + separate bathroom

-T2/F2: Apartment with one bedroom

-T3/F3: Apartment with two bedrooms

  • Subleasing:

If you stay 6 months or less in Lyon you might want to sublease. This is a great option however you must know that sometimes owners are against subleasing and the renters still sublease without their approval. This can put you in a difficult situation. Now that you are aware of this, there are thousands of students who sublease and have no problems whatsoever. Type in ‘Sous location’ in LeBonCoin or ParuVendu to find some Subleasing ads.

  • Student residences vs shared apartments:

There are many great student residences in Lyon. However take into account that they can be just as pricy or more expensive then apartments or shared apartments. They are usually between 300 to 650 euros/month and it doesn’t usually make it easier to meet people than sharing an apartment with other students. However they will adapt to your needs more easily and are used to dealing with foreign students. They usually ask less paperwork, accept foreign guarantors or none at all and will adapt to the period of time you wish to rent (not a problem if you stay less than a year).


II. Where to look ?

  1. Best websites to find housing: (click directly on link)
  • Shared apartments (colocation):




leboncoin (then type in Lyon 2, Lyon 3 etc…)

  • Apartments:

leboncoin (then type in Lyon 2, Lyon 3 etc…)




  • Student residences:

adele (very useful as it gives you a list of all the student residences in Lyon)

résidences leclubetudiant

résidences lesbellesannées

crous-lyon : cheaper then most student residences as the prices start at 195 euros/month for a bedroom with shared bathroom and kitchen. They also offer bedrooms with private bathrooms, T1 and T3. They are used to dealing with exchange students and have different options to stay 6 months, 10 months, over a year etc… It is also possible to arrive during anytime of the year (not just beginning of school year)

2. Using social networks :

There are many great pages and groups on Facebook which can help you find an apartment or a shared apartment.

  • Groups:

Colocation Lyon / La Carte des Colocs

Colocation – appartements étudiants Lyon

Lyon : location d’appart, echange, colocation

LYON: Location appartement, Colocation, Sous-location

  • Community:

Plan coloc Lyon

Plan Appart Lyon – Sans agence


III. What to expect?

  1. How much is rent in Lyon*?
  • Shared apartment (colocation) downtown: between 350 and 600 euros for a bedroom
  • Studio downtown: between 250 and 450 euros
  • T1 downtown: between 350 and 600 euros
  • T2 downtown: between 500 and 800 euros
  • T3 downtown: between 750 and 1100 euros
  • Shared apartment close to downtown: between 260 and 500 euros for a bedroom
  • Studio close to downtown: between 200 and 400 euros
  • T1 close to downtown: between 350 and 600 euros
  • T2 close to downtown: between 500 and 750 euros
  • T3 close to downtown: between 650 and 1000 euros

* This is to give you an idea of renting prices in Lyon. You might be able to find cheaper or more expensive. These prices are based on renting websites.

2. Documents needed to rent:
Most real estate companies will ask for a French guarantor willing to pay your rent if you can’t. These guarantors must make at least 3 times the amount of your rent to be accepted as such. Unfortunately this causes problems to many exchange students who do not have family in France. You might be able to find some real estate companies that will accept your application without a guarantor but beware, there are not many. It will be easier to get a place in student residences as they are used to dealing with foreigners. They’ll usually let you sign a short lease unlike apartments which have 1 year leases at least.

Most likely, you will need to provide a copy of passport or ID, a RIB (Relevé d’Identité Bancaire which is your bank account information), your Certificat de Scolarité if you are a student and you will need to fill in a form with name, addresse, date of birth etc… If you have a garant you’ll need to provide his/her RIB and ID and fill in the same form.

You’ll always be asked to leave a deposit cheque as well.


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